Samsung Prostar DCS EXPN-A & EXPN-B Card Combo w/Cable

Samsung Prostar DCS EXPN-A & EXPN-B Card Combo w/Cable
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  • Item #: EXPN-AB
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: KP40D-BEP2/XAR
  • Condition: Used

To expand the DCS to more than a single cabinet system, expansion cards are required. These cards provide the high speed digital link pathways that enable the KSU to communicate with the expansion cabinets.

Samsung DCS EXPN-A Card

This card is installed in slot 7 of the KSU and reduces the available universal card slots to six. It is needed if the system is to be expanded.

  • HDLC connections for two expansion cabinets
  • Additional eight DSPs
  • LED status indicator

Samsung DCS EXPN-B Card

This card has its own dedicated card slot in the expansion cabinets and does not reduce the number of universal card slots.

  • HDLC connection for that expansion cabinet
  • LED status indicator

*This kit includes the connecting cable required for the expansion cabinet to communicate with the main cabinet.

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